Blue Lucy Gets them in…

Blue Lucy Gets Them In… Dutch Style!!

Over 3000 hours of taped video digitised and counting…..

PRESS RELEASE: 23 June 2010, London

Blue Lucy Gets Them In Dutch Style - Video Ingestion for Content Providers

BLUE LUCY MEDIA, London announces use of its Miura Ingest Software in operation at Dutch broadcaster Omroep Flevoland (OF), servicing their Digital Archive project of 1,800 taped hours.

OF has over 1,800 hours of tape archive which retrieving and using was proving both time consuming and expensive, with concerns regarding deterioration becoming more evident on a daily basis.

The Digital Archive project was initiated to ingest from tape to file format, incorporating simultaneous addition of metadata and final storage of the content on OF servers, making it available over the network to all operational staff.

A key objective was to ensure that ingestion and cataloguing processes should not interfere with, or increase workload for, the existing news production operation and should seamlessly integrate with the broadcaster’s existing central media asset management workflows.

After some custom development commitments from BLM, trials in late 2009 and project kick-off in February 2010, OF has successfully been archiving content since March  with 600 hours already completed.

Miura creates a broadcast quality full resolution file for on-air use, a low resolution browse copy and an XML file containing the user captured, and automatic metadata  for persistence in  OF’s Evoxe NIS4 Newsroom computer system.

Miura writes an XML file at the beginning of each ingest to inform the NIS4 system of the initiation, allowing OF operators to add metadata in their NIS assets’ video forms while ingest is in progress. On completion the final metadata, including file technical data is written, completing the process.

Bram Liplijn, OF CTO says, “The Blue Lucy Media ingest software is helping us efficiently digitise our very valuable archive of news content without loading our very busy news production department.  The integration with the Evoxe NIS4 system means all our staff can easily find, review and retrieve this content from their desktops using tools that they are already familiar with.”

Benefits delivered: Highest standards in file writing and playback, future-proof architecture adopting latest standards, integrated with Exoxe NIS4 newsroom system, Full control of VTR from PC or external hard panel, MXF file writing and proving the ability it view the browse media whilst the ingest is on-going.

ABOUT BLUE LUCY MEDIA: Blue Lucy Media (BLM) is an innovative supplier of the Miura family of advanced audio visual processing tools, and  is based in London.

ABOUT OMROEP FLEVOLAND (OF): OF launched in 1997 and is now a €8m / year business disseminating news and information to the Dutch province of Flevoland over TV, radio, web, teletext and other channels.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: T: +44 (0) 845 293 7363 | E: [email protected]

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