Connected Destinations

In a world where the terms “new media”, “Interactive” and “digital” seem defunct and “3-Screens” over-utilised, we at Bosschimp felt we needed something to better describe the experiences created on Web, Mobile and Interactive TV.  Connected Destinations just seemed right – Connected Destinations for Connected Devices.

To us it is not just about the IP or network connectivity to devices but more about the fact that these should also be connected to each other.

Creating experiences which are purposed for each medium (Web, Mobile and IPTV) but are uniform in the brand promises they deliver is key to the success of any online strategy.  Forays into any of these media needs to be considered carefully to ensure that an experience on one can be met and enhanced (according to the device being used)  on the others.  For this reason we’ve coined the term “Connected Destinations” – we hope you like it.

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