Tight Budget… No Time…?

Quick Turnaround Marketing on a Budget!!Well, congratulations!! You’ve just saved yourself a lot of marketing time and money. How you ask? It’s pretty straightforward when you know how…

Pay for marketing profit not overheads

Bosschimp.com is a marketing services consultancy based in Ealing (West London) – that means no big city overheads for you to cover.

Pay for necessary skills not extra skills

Through Our Collective, Bosschimp.com provides talent according to your specific requirement and only charges for that talent, so you only pay for what you need.

Pay for ROI not COA

By understanding your business, your sector and your objectives we become an extension of your business and can charge on a “set-up with commission basis”, meaning if you don’t profit, we don’t profit!

Pay for expertise not experience

We promise that if we don’t have the skills in-house to deliver on your project we won’t take it on, ensuring you aren’t wasting your time teaching us new skills.

Pay for quick turnaround not quick fixes

When things go wrong and time is running out you need access to a reliable, cost effective and time efficient resource.  Bosschimp provides this by always having more than just one expert available ensuring you get the best service at an affordable price.

There are thousands of other reasons why you should carry on reading but how about just one more for now…

We deliver HIGH QUALITY for small bananas!!

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